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Customer reviews and Consumer protection

Even though local businesses dont have direct control over what their users write about them, they can influence the conversation and turn a potential threat into a great marketing asset.

Many local search engines, local directories and local-social sites use customer reviews as a factor for how prominently they show a business in their results. Both the volume of reviews and the sentiment of those reviews have an effect on how visible a business is and businesses that can successfully encourage their users to leave positive reviews will benefit from reaching a wider audience.

With 70% of local consumers now using the Internet to find good local businesses, greater visibility on search engines and local directories could put a local business in front of thousands of potential customers each month.

The other upshot of positive reviews is greater Conversion. About 49% of local consumers are more likely to use a local business having read a positive online review.

If you’re running a business, you may make contracts with other businesses to buy their goods or services.
But as a business, you may not have the same rights and protection as an ordinary consumer.
Your rights will depend almost completely on what’s in your contract.
If you’re a sole trader you count as a business buyer rather than as a consumer for any contracts you make for your business.

What can you do about unsatisfactory goods or services?

When you buy goods or services from a business for your own business, you’ll need to check your contract very carefully to see what it says about unsatisfactory goods or services.

When you buy as a consumer, the law says you have certain rights, called statutory rights.

However, as a business buyer, the person you buy from can take most of these statutory rights away, as long as they make this clear in your contract. They can do this by putting an exclusion clause in your contract.